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What Is BTDcrypto?

Trading Community

A community of traders helping each other stay one step ahead of the market.

Trading Tools

A proficient trader effectively utilizes industry tools. Gain access to proven trading indicators.

Educational Empowerment

Level up your trading skills at our cryptocurrency academy. Gain comprehensive knowledge and strategies for investing and trading in the markets.

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you confidence

BTDcrypto gives you the tools you need

When experience matters


Daily videos focusing on the latest crypto news and price action.


  • Thousands of videos
  • Exploring Bitcoin and altcoins
  • Covering trade setups and market sentiment
  • Daily live streams
  • Weekly deep-dives

Get an edge

Trading Indicator

  • Synergy Signal: A suite of Trading View indicators
  • Focus on trend [Multi-Trend] and momentum [Multi-Momentum]
  • Designed to track price action, report pivots, divergences, and confluence among various data sets
  • Proprietary indicator with regular updates to adapt to market conditions


power in numbers

Community of Traders

  • 24-hour access to the best crypto community, guaranteed.
  • Research and discussion on crypto fundamentals
  • Trade setups covering the latest and hottest projects
  • Access to resources and learning material
  • Discounts and promotion
  • Much more…


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My name is Mike.

"Hi! I can't believe how much alpha is on this channel, wow! Watched many BTD YT videos - best deep dives ever, and I thought let's check this guys discord (it is at least $100/month I thought). How is all hat info free? It blows my mind! Have paid good money in few channels that are actually not even good. Thank you!!!"

– Nino –

"Damn your good bro. Do you have any formal education for this stuff or have you worked for companies? Self taught?"

– Vinny t-

"Cause Mike is the man. He obviously enjoys what he does and wants to share that with the world. Some people (like Mike) just have it and it shows. Keep up the amazing show and this discord is just priceless. You are killing it in the space right now so thank you for all you do!!! "

– growyourbag –

Mike is one solid dude, and you know he has the best intentions for us.

– Salvador Loayza Deza –

Mike is a legend

– Los Sol –

I have scoured through the junk crypto YT. I can proudly say that you are one of the best in the game and your channel is undervalued. I appreciate the honest takes, no shilling, no OMG face, no fluff. Mike you the man!


You should have way more followers - teaching us valuable technical knowledge and mindset everyday!


Mike, the founder of BTDcrypto and its sub-brands, products, and services, began his journey with an honors degree in Business Administration Marketing and later pursued a degree in Computer Software Engineering due to his passion for technology. Initially a forex trader, his focus shifted to cryptocurrency in 2016, particularly Bitcoin

By 2020, Mike went full-time crypto trading with remarkable success. Today, he enjoys financial freedom and through BTDcrypto, has empowered countless individuals toward financial independence. Join Mike and the BTDcrypto community on your path to financial freedom in the exciting world of cryptocurrency.

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Learning for all 

  • Instruction for all levels
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Access to a dedicated learning community
  • Instructional videos
  • E-book and other learning materials
  • Live mentorship

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